Uploading Excel Template Edit

Swan has developed a function which allows you to enter your transactions offline by utilizing the upload excel function for sales and purchases. There are few rules and logics that you will require to follow before uploading the file into the system:

  1. You will have to ensure that you have your document details ready such as invoice number, invoice date, supplier/customer name, tax code and price (exclusive of GST)
  2. Your contact code, product code, and tax code MUST EXIST in the system
  3. You downloaded the LATEST version of the template

Please make sure that:

  • Do not leave a blank column if there were other information entered within the same row (except for Tax column)
  • In the scenario where there was more than one line for the same invoice, kindly ensure that the invoice’s date is the same
  • In the scenario that you DID NOT create ANY CONTACT, you can enter our default contacts: Cash Sales (CashS) and Cash Purchase (CashP).

Note: The contact code only applicable if you used our Quick Setup function. 

  • In the scenario that you DID NOT create ANY SERVICE or ANY ITEM, you can simply enter MISC in the product code column as you cannot leave any blank column in the file. The journal entries created will follow the default account that you have chosen before uploading the file. 
  • In the scenario that there is no GST incur (only applicable for those who is not registered with RMC for GST), you can leave the TAX CODE column empty or put a ‘-‘. 

Once you have performed the steps above, you will have no problem to upload your file into Swan!